Main business: sea import and export/air freight/trailer customs clearance/warehousing and delivery
Air freight
Our air service network is spread all over Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major domestic airports to provide faster and more efficient services

Our shipping service network covers Asia, Europe, South America and Africa
And major overseas ports by sea FCL, LCL and dangerous goods boutique routes
The company owns 50 container trucks, providing a variety of land transportation methods, cross-border logistics from international projects

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Operating from more than 60 company offices, shipping in more than 100 countries, Zun Shou credibility, safety, high safety
Full to provide customers with fast, safe, convenient, quality logistics services
Industries Served
We cater to all walks of life to meet your business needs
Aerospace industry
The restaurant industry
The chemical industry
National defense, aerospace and aviation fields do not allow any mistakes, will give you safe and reliable supply chain management support, to achieve process optimization
At GlobalJet, we offer highly monitored logistics solutions for any temperature adaptive management of food and beverage shipments in all areas
In the face of the growing demand for chemical products in developing countries, Eco has the professional qualifications to provide safe and reliable logistics solutions
The medical industry has strict specifications and requirements for the activity of TCM products during transportation and storage. At Huanjie we provide a complete set of services to meet the needs
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